Worm gearmotors

Gearmotors with high interchangeability (hollow low speed shaft diameters). Universal mounting with lower feet, integral with housing, and B14 flange on 2 faces. Basic design; compactness and economy. IEC standardized motor.
High, reliable and tested performances (Ni bronze); optimization of worm gear pair performances (ZI involute profile and adequately conjugate worm wheel profile)
Rigid and precise cast iron single-piece housing with motor mounting integral flange. Generous internal space between train of gears and housing. 

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Worm gearmotor

Discover the strengths of our worm gearmotors

  • Mounting with lower integral feet and B14 flanges on 2 faces integral on the housing
  • Rigid and precise cast iron monobloc body
  • Worm wheels made of nickel bronze with controlled phosphor contentto achieve improved performance, a higher load capacity, greater reliability and wear resistance
  • Generous internal space between train of gears and housing
  • Tapered roller bearings on worm shaft
  • Motor mounting flange integral to the housing
  • Higher worm efficiency

AS is the best ally for your needs

  • Longer life and lower power consumption
  • Interchangeability with major manufacturers
  • High performance and greater reliability
  • Smooth and quiet running

We develop and manufacture high-precision worm gearmotors


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