Life at Rossi

A stable company with a long-term orientation based on people

Rossi is the sum of the people who work for us: their abilities and commitment are the key to our success. At Rossi, you will have the chance to work in a multicultural and multidisciplinary team, taking part in new challenges every day.
Our company culture is deeply rooted in our core values, which support our mission and guide our decisions and everything we do.

Working at Rossi

The people who work in Rossi represent a wealth of skills and experiences that are essential for the management and evolution of our business. We therefore believe that it is essential that everyone is enabled to access the path of professional enrichment closest to their abilities and motivation. We want to ensure that people join our team by participating in the first person with responsibility and involvement, behaving ethically and ensuring customer focus, quality of service and striving for results. We provide a set of articulated and integrated interventions that accompany them in their professional growth in relation to business needs.

Rossi Values

  • Ambition - We seek opportunities to improve, continue to learn, and adapt to changes. Our purpose is to move forward as a company, winning over new markets with quality products.
  • Ethics - We are committed to act with dignity and respect. Wherever our story takes us, our choices and our actions are always guided by diversity, integrity and honesty in all areas.
  • Pride - We act as the first ambassadors of our company, promoting our brand and preserving our reputation by creating top-quality solutions that are reliable, customized and technologically advanced.
  • Transparency - We portray honesty and transparency through our interactions by encouraging clear and effective decision-making processes.
  • Creative energy -  We play a leading role in a continually evolving sector, creating personalized solutions for our customers. Our creativity is fueled by our curiosity, and our positive and enthusiastic spirit, allowing us to develop new competitive advantages
  • Sustainability - We grow our business sustainably while simultaneously minimizing negative impact to environment, community, or society as a whole.
  • Entrepreneurship - We foster a spirit of initiative, ownership and commitment at all levels in being receptive, curious, creative, passionate and tolerant to risks.


Do you want to build Rossi's future with us?